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for those of you who still don't know, DIVINECHILD came to an intersection in their career as a band and decided to take the direction in which (through much prayer and consideration) they thought best. in MARCH of 1999, they signed a record deal with 6x6 RECORDS and changed their name to DENISON MARRS. the reason for the change of name is simply this: the band came to find out through different sources that the name "divinechild" was already in use in numerous ways for other religions and breakoffs of their beliefs differing from their own. wanting to remain "set apart" from the world, and knowing they would be becoming a more than national band due to the record deal...they changed the name. they are the same band that you know and love and they now have a full length CD on the way in July! they appreciate (as always)your love and support and hope you will continue.

(the divine counter retired at 5675)